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L-3 Telemetry-East is a world-leading manufacturer of missile and aircraft flight test instrumentation, including airborne and ground telemetry products. And our complete turnkey systems are unique in the industry. Our airborne telemetry and flight test products gather and process critical information aboard spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, guided weapons, targets, and UAVs. Constructed to function under the severe conditions of space and military applications, our equipment also records the data and transmits it to receiving stations and then processes and displays it for technicians on the ground.

L-3 Telemetry-East's products are used in defense and aerospace programs, weapons development, flight test, and satellite communications for space agencies including NASA. Our highly durable, precision products are available in the following categories:

RF products include airborne telemetry transmitters, radar augmentation transponders, and RF power amplifiers.

Advanced Data Acquisition Products include six (6) data acquisition system (DAS) product families, so our customers can select the most cost-effective solutions for specific requirements. Additional products are available that complement the DAS and airborne product line, including encryption packages, cockpit display and control units, airborne recorders, and a variety of other products for special applications.

Ground Products include telemetry and space data receivers, de-modulators, bit-synchronizers, decommutators, and a full array of PC and VME plug-in modules to support virtually any ground telemetry requirement. Turnkey systems are available to provide total reception, computational processing, and display capabilities. We also provide setup and application-specific software packages.

Custom Engineering Solutions
In addition to these products, L-3 Telemetry-East also provides custom solutions for specific testing requirements. We offer a full range of engineering design, software engineering, program management, and manufacturing services. And our extensive telemetry experience in serving commercial and military organizations both domestic and foreign has made L-3 Telemetry-East a leader in the field of telemetry instrumentation.

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